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Vereijken is an international family business supplying everything you need for pig farrowing units. We have a young and dynamic team, with years of experience in its backpocket. With our team we try to work as effectively as possible. With a small team we achieve great achievements.

Our work method is to anticipate the natural behavior of sows and piglets. For example, If a sow feels relaxed, she has a better feed intake which is essential to produce colostrum and milk; the key ingredients to raise robust piglets.

Making farrowing systems that work in Baoding

We realize that no two farms are the same. Therefore we innovate and stay in contact with farmers all over the world. This results in a range of proven farrowing systems that fit different needs and allow every pig farmer to grow. With our team we constantly innovate in our products. Not only focusing on the wellbeing of the animals, but also making your day-to-day work easier.

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We work on solutions in quick changing markets. Welfare, Carbon Footprint, Transparency and Food Safety are top priority in the solutions we provide. 
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