Farrowing crates in Malaysia

An innovative way of farming in Malaysia 

By offering farrowing crates in Malaysia, we provide our customers with a new way of pig farming. By working effectively with Wageningen university and farmers all over the world, we can put the best products on the market. Vereijken designs a wide range of farrowing crates that suit the different needs of pig producers in Malaysia.

High quality crates

Vereijken offers safe farrowing crates for the sow, the piglets and yourself. At Vereijken, high quality is of paramount importance to us. Our farrowing crates are robust and specially designed taking in account the safety of the sow, the piglets and your team. Our crates are finished with high-quality material to ensure safety, firmly welded, have thick stainless-steel tubes with a guaranteed fit with a Vereijken flooring system. Are you looking for a custom solution. Discover what Vereijken can mean for your business by requesting advice on our website.

Leader in farrowing crates

We want to ensure our farrowing crates meet the future needs of our customers. By investing in extensive research, entering collaborations, and nurturing innovative ideas we have the ideal solution for any company. We try to translate our ideas and the results of our research in practical solutions. We know that every farm is different. The result: a range of proven farrowing crates that fit different needs of pig producers and allow you to grow. 

Our team

We try to work as effectively as possible. With a small team we achieve great goals, no challenge is too big for us. Our colleagues are professional, direct, and friendly to work with. The atmosphere is cheerful, people are loyal to each other, and you can be yourself completely. At Vereijken you can learn a lot and improve your skills. We have no hierarchy and leave each other free to excel making the best use of everyone’s talents. We pay a lot of attention to our employees and regularly show how much we appreciate each other.  Do you want to know what it's like to work with us? Take a look at our website.

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