Farrowing pens in Taguig City

Innovative farming in Taguig City 

We at Vereijken Group offer an innovative way to farm with our farrowing pens in Taguig City. Together with Wageningen University and farmers, we have designed various farrowing pens that suit different needs of pig producers in Taguig City. Our pens give you the opportunity to evolve into a new way of farming. A way where free farrowing helps the sow, piglets and your business. When you are ready for the next step in your farrowing systems, we will be ready to help you transition. 

Traditional farming in Taguig City 

Besides our innovative farrowing pens, we still offer our classic pens in Taguig City. Our proven modular products, which we have offered for over 20 years, will prepare you for whatever the future brings. Our classic modular products are reusable, durable and designed to last a lifetime. 

Vereijken Group in Taguig City? 

Vereijken Group is an internationally active family business with two generations of experience. We believe that the first days of a piglet’s life are the most crucial period for their health, vitality and growth. That is why we started a more in-depth specialization in the farrowing phase and suiting farrowing pens in 2018. To measure the success of a farmer, we use litter perfomance: How many of the live born piglets are actually sold. Our goal is to reach a litterperformance of 100%! To keep improving on our products we ask farmers for their experience. Our team puts effort in research, training, sharing knowledge and support. All in order to make sure our systems are of the highest possible quality. 

Pro Dromi® farrowing pens in Taguig City 

We at Vereijken Group also have Pro Dromi® farrowing pens in Taguig City. Pro Dromi® farrowing pens are a free farrowing system. This means the sow is able to stretch her legs in order to stimulate the sow’s digestive system resulting in healthy and viable piglets. This also reduces the risk of piglet mortality drastically. If this is something that interests you, make sure to check out our different Pro Dromi® farrowing pens! 

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