Farrowing pens in Graz

Farrowing partner in Graz 

If you’re in need of a new partner in farrowing pens, we at Vereijken Group can happily help you with all your farrowing needs in Graz. Vereijken Group supplies farmers worldwide with our farrowing pens, whether you are looking for the newest innovation in farrowing or a more classic and proven farrowing solution, we can help you out in Graz.  

The future of farrowing in Graz 

Together with the University of Wageningen and farmers, we have designed a wide range of innovative farrowing pens which suit different needs for different farmers in Graz. These new innovative farrowing pens benefit the health of both your sows, piglets and your business. You can decide for yourself when you’re ready to take the next step and when you are you can use our modular products to prepare for the future. 

Creating the best controlled environment in Graz 

To nurture happy and healthy pigs, we anticipate the natural behavior of sows and piglets. When a sow feels calm, she has a better feed intake which is crucial to produce colostrum and milk. With Vereijken Group’s farrowing pens you no longer have to compromise between a cool climate, which is better for sows, and a warm climate, which is better for piglets. With our pens, a separate micro and macroclimate can be created, leading to lower pig mortality and an improvement of the litterperformance. We strive to constantly improve on our farrowing pens in Graz in order to ensure the highest possible litterperfomance. 

Farrow-to-Wean pens in Graz 

Legislation demands more and more space for sows and piglets, which makes farrowing pens that remove the sow at weaning an increasingly attractive solution. Farrow-to-Wean pens save labor costs substantially since it decreases weaning and sanitizing work. Additionally, less weaning stress results in improved piglet growth. If you have any questions about our farrow-to-wean pens in Graz, feel free to reach out to us and we will help you! 

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