Farrowing crates in Brussels

Farrowing crates in Brussels

The products of Vereijken are available worldwide. We produce innovative farrowing crates by working out the smallest details. Our crates have round finishes to ensure safety for pigs and farmers. Our farrowing crates are suited for literally every way of working. We offer farrowing crates in Brussels.

We work together with experienced farms and the Wagening University to ensure customers get the best crates. We work out specific items and the tubing design of our systems give piglets easy access to the teats, and the farmers easy access to the pen.

Future-proof production

Vereijken produces farrowing crates and other products that are ready for the future. Our innovative way of thinking ensures customers to get the best solutions. We constantly monitor trends and developments in our industry. We offer future proof solutions in Brussels. Customers can choose the ideal crate in our assortment. These crates suit every way of working. Do you want a future proof solution for your company? Please contact one of our specialists and we will discuss the possibilities.

European style crates in Brussels

Vereijken produces European style crates in Brussels. The crates can be opened both at the front and the back. This makes it easy to get access and it's also easy to leave the crate. Farmers can access the crate by using the side tubes that face downwards. By doing this it's almost impossible to slip under the fence. The crates can be extended with anti-crush bars to minimize the risk of accidents. The fingers create optimal access to the teats.

American style crates in Brussels

In addition to our European crates, we also have American crates in our range. This American style crates have an adjustable sidebar. The sidebar can be raised or lowered for any size of sow. Just as the European crates, the American creates can be opened at the front as well as at the back. The size of the sow differs per breed and how many times she has farrowed. In the American model, the fencing is adjustable to the height of the sow, making it optimal for large sows. We have two variants of USA style crates.

Our mission and vision

At Vereijken we want to stay innovative. With generations of experience, we can design and manufacture farrowing crates all over the globe. Vereijken wants to ensure 100% of all new-born piglets in Brussels will live a healthy life. We want to create the best controlled environment for pigs. To nurture happy and healthy pigs, we anticipate the natural behaviour of sows and piglets. If a sow feels relaxed, she has a better feed intake which is essential to produce colostrum and milk - the key ingredients to raise robust piglets.

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