Farrowing systems in Czech Republic

A new way of farming in Czech Republic 

By offering farrowing systems in Czech Republic, we provide a new way of pig farming. One where free farrowing benefits both the sow and piglets while adding value to your business. We managed to realise this new way of farming by collaborating with Wageningen University and farmers. Because of this close cooperation with our customers: the farmers, we are capable of designing a range of farrowing systems that suit the different needs of pig producers in Czech Republic. 

The next step 

Our innovative solutions and products give farmers in Czech Republic the opportunity to change their way of farming. We let the farmers decide the pace in which this is realized. Do you want to be flexible? If so, you could use our modular products to prepare for the future. Are you ready for the next step? Then find out what suits you in our range of free farrowing systems. 

About Vereijken Group 

Vereijken Group is an internationally successful family business. Divided over two generations, the first generation has built their knowledge on pig farming and farm equipment for many years. This gave the opportunity to change the focus towards the finetuning of the farrowing systems to the second generation. Vereijken has now a young and dynamic team with years of experience in its back pocket, making us the suited supplier of your farrowing system in Czech Republic. Our products are available worldwide, making sure piglets all over the world look healthy! 

Pro Dromi® farrowing systems 

Are you curious how our free farrowing systems in Czech Republic supports heavier piglets? The digestive system of the sow is stimulated when she is able to stretch her legs. Therefore, a loose-housed sow produces a more efficient nutrient intake and will produce high quality colostrum, resulting in healthy, viable piglets. Our Pro Dromi® category offers three versions so every farmer can take their first step towards free farrowing. Discover the possibilities to minimize mortality risks for your piglets in Czech Republic. 

Are you looking for a innovative solution for your pig farm in Czech Republic? Then our farrowing systems might be the excellent investment for you. Feel free to contact us! Our specialist will be happy to help you with tailored advice.

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