Farrowing systems in Gdynia

Innovative farrowing systems in Gdynia 

As a worldwide supplier of farrowing systems, Vereijken Group allows pig farms in Gdynia to grow towards a new way of farming. One where free farrowing benefits the wellbeing of your sows and piglets while contributing to the success of your business. We stand for innovation. Our collaboration with Wageningen University and farmers resulted in a range of farrowing systems that suit the different needs of pig farms in Gdynia.  

A future-ready pig farm 

Since pig farming is a dynamic business, changing legislation in Gdynia can impact your day-to-day work. Proven for over twenty years, our farrowing systems will contribute to the future of your pig farm. Our modular products are reusable, durable and designed to last a lifetime. By choosing Vereijken Group as the supplier of your farrowing systems, you are ensured of heavy and healthy piglets and a future-ready business. 

Farrowing systems that work! 

At Vereijken Group, we believe that the success of a pig farmer starts at the farrowing period. The very first day of a piglet is the most crucial period for the health, vitality and growth of a pig. Therefore, we have chosen a in dept specialisation towards the farrowing phase and suitable farrowing systems for your pig farm in Gdynia. In March 2019, the French Cooperative Cooperl joined us in a Joint-Venture in order to create more value for pig farmers worldwide. Our team puts effort in research, sharing knowledge, training and support in order to provide your pig farm in Gdynia the farrowing system that works. 

Heavier piglets through free farrowing 

Are you curious about how a free farrowing system contributes to growing heavier piglets? The sow’s digestive system is stimulated when she is able to stretch her legs. A loose-housed sow produces a more efficient nutrient intake and will be able to produce high quality colostrum. Consequently, free farrowing systems will result in heavy, viable piglets and support the success of your pig farm in Gdynia.  

Are you looking for a farrowing system that will result in happy and healthy piglets while contributing to the success of your business? Then Vereijken Group will be the perfect partner for you! Offering farrowing systems worldwide, we can provide your pig farm in Gdynia with the solution suitable for you. Have a look at our farrowing systems and products and feel free to contact us at any time for additional information or personal advice. 

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