Farrowing crates in San Juan

Customized solution in San Juan

We offer customized solutions for every problem or challenge. With distributors all over the world, we fulfil the wishes and needs of customers. Discover what Vereijken can mean for your business. Vereijken does extensive research and gives the customer's specific and clear advice. Our collaboration with Wageningen University and farmers resulted in a range of farrowing crates that makes pigs and farmers happy. Vereijken ensures that the systems meet the expectations of customers.

Vereijken style crates

We offer Vereijken style crates in San Juan. Our crates have a long, sturdy stainless-steel bar for each sow to rest against. The crate can be opened at the front and back, allowing the sow easy access and exit. The crates include a standard anti-crush bar to minimize at risk piglets. In the Vereijken model we've combined the best from the European and American models with a wider fencing system. The teats are easy to access as the lower bars are placed higher. The standard anti-crush bar in this crate minimizes at risk piglets.

Farrowing crates from French

Vereijken Group believes that the success of farmers starts during the farrowing period. In our assortment we have French crates where the feeder can be adjusted. The feeder can be adjusted to the amount of food your sow needs. The French crates meet al French legislation. The crate can be opened at both sides, and it controls the amount of feed given to your sow by adjusting the width of the feeder. This allows the sow to grow in an optimal way and become strong for the most important period of the year.

Worth the investment

Vereijken acts quickly and accurately to come up with the best solution. We have various crates in our range, so there is something for every farmer. These crates are of high quality and meet expectations. An investment will be worth it. We monitor the behaviour of sows and piglets. The specialist at Vereijken can adjust the air circulation in the farrowing crates Vereijken has the ideal solution for your company.

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