Farrowing systems in Cleveland

Farrowing systems in Cleveland 

Vereijken Group is a worldwide supplier of innovative farrowing systems. By doing so, we offer pig farms in Cleveland farrowing systems that contribute to the wellbeing of both sows and piglets. Our collaboration with Wageningen University and multiple farmers resulted in a range of farrowing systems that suit the different needs of pork farms in Cleveland.  

Future ready, step by step 

Our farrowing systems and modular products give farmers in Cleveland the possibility to prepare their pig farm for the future. You can use our modular products to design a farrowing crate that works for your piglets, sows and farm. Choose a crate that suits your way of working and creates optimal environments for piglets and sows. Are you ready for the next step? Then our farrowing systems can contribute to the welfare of your animals and success of your business. 

Our mission and vision 

With two generations of hands-on experience in pig farming, designing and the manufacturing of pig farm equipment, we understand that most value is obtained during the farrowing period. We keep innovating until we can ensure 100% of all new-born piglets in Cleveland a healthy life, contributing towards a 0% mortality and heavy and healthy piglets. Our farrowing systems anticipate the natural behaviour of sows and piglets. Through constant research and innovating with pig farmers we are supporting the future needs of pig farming in Cleveland. 

Proven classics in farrowing systems 

Pig farming is a dynamic business. Changing legislation in Cleveland can impact your day-to-day work and future plans. Proven for over twenty years, our farrowing systems will prepare your pig farm for whatever the future brings. Our modular products for farrowing systems are reusable, durable and designed to last a lifetime. 

Are you ready to improve the wellbeing of your sows and piglets while contributing to a future ready and sustainable pig farm in Cleveland? Then Vereijken Group will be your partner! Have a look at our farrowing systems and modular products to discover what we can do for your business. May you have any questions or require personal advice, please feel free to contact us. Our specialist will be happy to help! 

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