Mission and Vision


Ensuring 100% of all newborn piglets a happy and healthy life

With two generations of hands-on experience in pig farming, designing and manufacturing barn equipment, Vereijken understands that most value is obtained during the farrowing period. That's why Vereijken keeps innovating until we can ensure 100% of all newborn piglets  a happy and healthy life, resulting in 0% mortality, and heavy and healthy piglets. Our time and effort is fully dedicated to understanding what piglets need to get the best start in life, so you can proudly say ‘Great pork originates here’. Because happy and healthy piglets make you a proud farmer and bring a premium price.



Creating the best controlled environment

To nurture happy and healthy pigs, we anticipate the natural behavior of sows and piglets. If a sow feels relaxed, she has a better feed intake which is essential to produce colostrum and milk - the key ingredients to raise robust piglets. To improve your results and reduce risks, Vereijken makes sure that you don't have to compromise between the best cool climate for sows and a warm one for piglets. In fact, we anticipate these different needs by creating a separate micro and macroclimate, which minimizes pig mortality and improves your litter performance. And we constantly think of innovative ways to make your day-to-day work easier.

Leading in farrowing systems

We are addressing the future needs of pig farming through research and innovating with farmers. A future where free farrowing systems for sows and piglets give better results for your farm than conventional housing systems. We collaborate with Wageningen University on in-depth research into the natural behavior of sow and piglets. These findings are translated into practical solutions by actively cooperating with farmers. Because we realize that no two farms are the same. The result: a range of proven farrowing systems that fit different needs of pig producers and allow you to grow. You decide whenever your business is ready for the next step. That's how we make farrowing systems that work.


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