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We are challengers

Working for Vereijken means being on the move! No, not on your exercise bike but in the agricultural sector. Everything we do is aimed at the welfare of the sow and piglets. Together with Wageningen University and our partner Cooperl, we continuously work on innovation and research in which we also involve pig farmers, to develop products that work for sow, piglet and pig farmer. We owe much of our innovation to a strong partnership with our customers. That is very important to us; they truly drive us to innovate. Together with the research carried out by Wageningen University, this ensures a solid innovation programme. Our international partners make their business with us. They can truly and fully rely on us, so we like to go the extra mile. 

We always try to lead the way by innovating. We break through old patterns by showing that things can be done differently and that it ultimately yields more, for everyone. When you work with us, you are guaranteed to feel this energy within the passionate team, with partnerships and with our customers. Our international character makes the work very dynamic. But before you think we have our heads in the clouds, rest assured. We have both feet on the ground, which makes us a solid partner for pig farmers and distributors.

Working at Vereijken


Systems such as Pro Dromi

‘Great pork originates here’ is the basis for everything we develop. We focus specifically on farrowing systems because we know that a good start is the essence of successful pig farming. We are proud of the development of our systems, including Pro Dromi. This system allows the sows to roam freely and at the same time, we reduce the risk of piglet mortality. Many graduate colleagues know this system from their university days, so it must be cool to find out this was developed by pig farmers at Vereijken, and you can continue to work with it!


Our team

We work with a relatively small team on the biggest challenges every day. Our colleagues are professional, direct and friendly to work with. The atmosphere is cheerful, people are loyal to each other and you can be yourself completely. We pay a lot of attention to our people and regularly show how much we appreciate each other. Big or small, successes are celebrated together. We have no hierarchy and leave each other free to excel within our talents. That also means that we put trust first. We do this, among other things, by being very transparent about everything we experience and the choices we make. We do that together. Our intensive collaboration with Cooperl also ensures that you gain a wealth of international experience, knowledge and colleagues. With the growth that we are experiencing, many new opportunities arise. Opportunities for our company and opportunities for everyone’s personal development.



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From 2021, we will be in the middle of the innovation centre of the Food & Agri world. And that is exactly the place we want to call home. This is where innovation is born and there is room to continue to innovate together with partners. We can show this directly to our partners in the new showroom. We are located in Ede, close to the station and next to exit roads. Did you know Ede is also a really nice town?

Working for Vereijken means being on the move. Full of energy.

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