Pro Dromi® Swing

Pro Dromi® Swing
  • Pro Dromi® Swing
  • Pro Dromi® Swing
  • Pro Dromi® Swing
  • Pro Dromi® Swing
  • Pro Dromi® Swing
  • Pro Dromi® Swing
  • Pro Dromi® Swing
  • Pro Dromi® Swing
  • Pro Dromi® Swing
Reasons to believe
  • One side of the frame swings up to open
  • Automatically secured when open
  • The other side swings open towards the piglet nest

Also available with lift flooring in Up-edition.

Do you want to give the sow optimal space in the free farrowing pen?

The  Pro Dromi Swing offers that space with a moveable frame. One side of the frame swings up to open, so no space is wasted. The other side swings towards the piglet nest and protects the entrance to the nest. As the frame swings upwards, the space in the farrowing pen can be used optimally. If your farrowing pens have small dimensions, this solution can create more than 4m2 of space for the sow to move. 

How we ensure happy and healthy piglets

  • The frame is automatically secured when it opens for ease of use and safety for the sow and her piglets.
  • Dimensions farrowing pen: from 2 m wide x 2.4 m long
  • Specially designed Pro Grip flooring gives sows and piglets the best grip no matter where they go in the pen.
  • To minimize diseases,  Pro Grip flooring features a patented teardrop profile so all dirt can be easily sprayed away.

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