Proven Classics

Pig farming is a dynamic business. Changing legislation impacts your day to day work and future plans. This makes flexibility key when planning ahead. Proven for over 20 years, our modular products will prepare you for whatever the future brings. For renovation of existing barns or new-build projects. Our modular products are reusable, durable and designed to last a lifetime to grow with any future plans.



Future proof traditional farrowing

Our proven classics help you to be grow towards the future in a cost-effective way. These modular components with a track-record of up to 15 years, are hygienic, easy to clean, offer the best grip and create a relaxed environment for piglets and sows. Create your own farrowing system to suit specific needs and plans of your pig business. After all, not a single farm is the same. How can we help you best to support the sow in her farrowing period?

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Design your own Pigfloor!
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