Length positioning

Length positioning
  • Length positioning
  • Length positioning
  • Length positioning
  • Length positioning
Reasons to believe
  • Tri-bar allows easy manure removal
  • Tubing design gives farmer easy access
  • With crates that can be opened, you decide when you want security

Looking for easy management in any situation?​

Choose  a setup where you can access the sow from multiple angles. The crates can be opened to give the sow and yourself enough space to work. Confine the sow when you need to if you want to feel more secure. The tubing design gives the farmer easy access to the crate. With Tri-bar slats, manure removal is easy. This setup offers everything you need for easy day-to-day management. The best thing about this system? Our products are modular which helps you prepare for a cost-effective transition to any future plan. With our reusable and durable flooring you can also convert to free farrowing pens in the future. So you are always prepared for any challenge.

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