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Ensuring 100% of all newborn piglets of a happy and healthy life.

Vereijken believes that optimal value is created during the farrowing period. That's why we fully dedicate our expertise, time and effort to understanding what piglets and sows need to become happy and vital. After all, happy and vital piglets not only make you proud as a farmer, they bring you a premium price as well. With a range of different farrowing systems, we help you find a farrowing system that suits your specific needs. Which farrowing system appeals to you?


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Farrowing Stories of Proud Farmers

Way ahead of the curve, Dave Dielemans from Ontario, Canada already thought of free farrowing ten years ago. But how do you start free farrowing in an existing barn? Read more on how this family realized their vision for their farm. 

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Vereijken Group - Dave Dielemans with piglet

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Dutch Pork Expo

The 12th and 13th of October, we are back at the Dutch Pork Expo! Here we proudly present digital passports for traceability from pig farm to fork, the TRAC manure separation system, our free farrowing Pro Dromi Liberté system and the award-winning Nanny. Do you want to see our latest innovations?

We are looking forward to meeting you in Den Bosch, the Netherlands!


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