Experiencing Pro Dromi Basic at the family Desvaux

2 July 2021Time: 2 minutes

Together with the Desvaux family and other organizations, Vereijken France organized an open door day at GAEC in Kerezen in Normandy last friday (25/06/2021). During this day, more than 65 visitors had the opportunity to meet the three managers, Michel, Adrian and Alexis, of the farm who shared their experience on the Vereijken free farrowing systems. At their farm, 44 Pro Dromi Basic farrowing systems were installed with a Pro Grip flooring. Now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted, visitors could experience the free farrowing systems on an actual farm. 

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Why did family Desvaux take steps towards free farrowing?

Barn renovations were mainly based on the well-being of the sow, societal expectations and the replacement of worn out equipment. As a true entrepreneur, Michel Desvaux made a strategic decision by opting for free-farrowing pens, allowing him to be ready for the future. But during this transition, he had many questions, such as the time it would take to clean the pens, the impact of free farrowing on piglet care, and the time it would take to handle the pens compared to conventional crates.

What is their experience?

 'I trusted Calipro for the supply of all my equipment needs and they suggested a Vereijken free-farrowing crate for the maternity unit.' Michel explains. What Michel loves most about the crates is that he can see the piglets moving around and that piglets are comfortable in their nest with a heated lamp. The flooring in particular impressed the three managers : The teardrop profile makes it easy to clean and the Pro Grip slats are modular, keeping them flexible for any plans in the future. Michel also mentions that ‘The slats are an excellent compromise in terms of quality/price’.

To reduce the number of at risk piglets, Pro Dromi Basic allows the sow to be confined for the first few days and open up the crate afterwards. Michel points out that the crate is easy to use. Another advantage of the free farrowing system in his eyes, is that the Pro Grip slats offer piglets and sows good grip to increase their safety. Furthermore, the low dividers increase visibility and allow the sow to remain calm.

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Installation during corona times

Looking back, Michel is happy with the installation process. Despite the pandemic and the resulting isolation, the materials were delivered on time with a good follow-up. Are you curious how free farrowing could work for your farm or do you want to experience the free farrowing crates?

Feel free to contact Ben Voetdijk - ben@vereijkenhooijer.nl or christophe@vereijkengroup.com for Vereijken France


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