Press release: Cooperl joins Vereijken in a Joint Venture

25 March 2019Time: 2 minutes

Friday 22nd of March, Cooperl and Vereijken signed a Joint Venture to create new synergies together that will bring more value to farmers around the world.

Pig farmers are facing new challenges such as the segmentation of production, environmental problems and changing societal expectations, particularly in terms of animal welfare. In this context, farmers need specialized, proven and efficient livestock equipment to improve their own results and remain competitive.

Cooperl, a cooperative expert in pork production, offers a wide range of solutions for the whole pig chain and invests more and more every year in innovation in order to generate more value for its members. Therefore the cooperative’s strategy is to meet the expectations of consumers by segmentation and opening new perspectives for France and worldwide. In the cooperation with Vereijken, Cooperl wants to create more potential for its products, worldwide.

Vereijken, specialised in equipment for farrowing, believes that happy and healthy piglets are the indicator for a healthy pig business. With their specialised assortment in (loose housing) farrowing systems, they have developed a large international distribution network. With this cooperation, the company is able to continue this dynamic growth and is able to respond to the new opportunities.

Through this partnership Cooperl and Vereijken plan to create new synergies together and create more value for farmers worldwide while maintaining their independency and respected commercial positions.

Bart Hooijer (Managing Director Vereijken) and Emmanuel Commault (Managing Director Cooperl)

Vereijken is a company based in Beek en Donk, the Netherlands. She is specialised herself in the distribution of farrowing systems, has 12 employees and a turnover of €7 million.

Cooperl is specialized in pig production since its foundation in 1966 in Lamballe (France). The cooperative is full integrated into divisions around pig production activity, thus control the complete process : construction and farm equipment, services to breeders members, production of animal feeds, slaughtering, cutting, processing and marketing of meat, and finally valorization of by-products and energy production. The Cooperl group is the leading French company in its field which today has 7 000
employees, 2 700 breeders members and feeds 13 million consumers a day in the world.

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