First ‘mini saunas’ installed in Finland

9 November 2018Time: 2 minutes


Yomay remember our blog about the mini saunas in Finland, in which we told of the three Finnish pig farmers who were utterly convinced by the Nanny, our heated piglet pen? I visited them the other day to see how they were doing, and it was still bitterly cold… We toured the pig house clad in long johns and thermals. It was heartwarming to see that in such a cold country, the farmers chose The Nanny to give their animals the gift of warmth!

Let’s find out how the Finnish cooperation continues!

Our ventilation specialist had already installed the ground ventilation duct in order to achieve a cool and stable house climate. When I was there, the new farrowing pens were being built into the existing house. The preparation was rather challenging; how to fit everything in? In the end, adjustments were made entirely by the book. Strolling through the house, I could see how everything was coming together. The first two hundred farrowing pens have been installed, with another four hundred to follow soon. It gives an enormous sense of pride, particularly when the builders furnishing the house turned out to be four Iraqi refugees in bobble caps, with our Dutch manual in hand!

Immense farm

Incidentally, this Finnish farm is enormous, boasting more than three thousand sows and fifteen thousand fattening pigs. Considering that Finland has around 100,000 sows in total, it is plain to see that this company is an important player in the field, especially when you realise that pig houses are only one aspect; and the farm also has windmills and arable farming…

Knowledge exchange? Yes please!

The installation of most of the ProDromi farrowing systems does not signal the end of our cooperation, however. Product Manager Anouk van Spronsen is getting ready to travel to Finland to train the employees. In addition, the Finns will become partners in the ProDromi family, in order to exchange knowledge with other ProDromi pig farmers. There is a great vibe, in any case, and we are ready to get going!

PS: The meat from this pig farm is processed by the Atria abattoir, which cooperates with a well-known Swedish supermarket chain. After visiting the farm, quality assurance employees have decided to put the meat on their shelves with a welfare label!

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