Pro Dromi® Basic

12 November 2018Time: 2 minutes

Are you considering transferring to a loose-housing system while you have been working with a conventional system for years, and are you asking yourself the following questions: Will loose housing not be too complex for my co-workers (which revolve every year)? Am I able to reuse my old manure pits? And what about easy accesibility and safety?

Then look no further, the Pro Dromi® Basic is the solution for you!

Easy Labour

In our product line of Pro Dromi® loose-housing solutions, the Pro Dromi® Basic is a loose-housing system which resembles a conventional farrowing system. Pro Dromi® Basic provides easy acces to the pen, worker safety and smooth opening and adjustability of the fences by a traditional crating.

The pen is safe to open while there is always a fence between you and the sow.

The optimal living space

By placing the sow in the middle of the pen, the udder can be suckled dry by all the hungry piglets from both sides. Additionally, the piglets have the space to flee at all times if nescessary. In the corner of the pen a warm and safe pigletsnest is provided to prevent risk of crushing, see also the movie below.

The sow stands on cast-iron with a high/low profile which provides extra grip for the sow when standing up. This pattern is also integrated in our Polyprolylene Pro-Grip Heavy Duty slat, to provide the perfect grip throughout the whole pen. Furthermore, the Pro-Grip Heavy Duty slat is especially designed for loose house sows in farrowing provided a sturdy surface for sow and piglets, optimal comfort and it is easily cleaned, providing optimal hygiene. A continuous watersystem runs through multiple pens, preventing water from becomming stale.

Easy to implement

The Basic pen is available in portret and landscape positioning, answering to all farmers’ wishes. Additionally, the pen in landscape positioning can be easily placed on existing manure pits.

In conclusion, the Pro-Dromi® Basic is a practical system designed for larger farms with revolving personnel.

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