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16 November 2018Time: 2 minutes

After installing Pro Dromi® Classic, in several barns in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we participated in a 2 year trial which compares several loose-housing systems in Denmark. The test was organized by Seges (check our blog here) and the Pro-Dromi has been tested on worker-safety, labour efficiency and welfare for the sow.

The main lesson we have learned, is that every farmer has its own preferences on how to manage their farms. We learned that Danish farmers prefer access to the back of the sow to be able to provide adequate birth-assist, in contrary to Dutch farmers who see birth-assist as less important, and prefer proper access to the through which enables easy feeding.

The Classic Combi was born!

Every farmer dreams of having proper access to both the front and back of the sow, by doing so minimum labour is needed to feed/clean/provide birth-assist/catching piglets. This dream was realized after a good discussion with our Finnish friends from Ab Jeppo, Lantgris. Together we developed a Pro Dromi® loose-housing system in a combi position, the Pro-Dromi Classic Combi!

Pro Dromi Classic Combi has:

  • A Nanny which creates and optimal climate for piglets.
  • Good acces to both the front and back of the sow.
  • The pen is designed that the front is entirely for the sow, and the back for the piglets, This means that you only need to be in the back of the pen when the crate is openened.

What else?

Ventilation is essential! Pro Dromi Classic Combi is known for separatingt the micro / macro – climate. Pro Dromi Classic Combi functions best when it is cool for the sow and warm for the piglets. To be able to provide this climate we use ground channel ventilation. By pulling the air through the ground channels, it cools down the temperature in the summer with 5 degrees or even more and it warms the cold air in the winter, without using electrical energy. By doing so we create a stable climate which gradually changes insteads of creating peaks in climate change.

The importance of climate control in your loose-housing system

Why is a controlled climate important for your loose housing system? When the piglets use the Nanny as their ‘nest’, They spend most of their time away from the sow, keeping them save from being layed on. Also, this provides less-labour intensity when the piglets have to be treated as they can be locked in the nanny.

Check here how beautiful the piglets lie in the Nanny: (Video)

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