Pro Dromi® Classic

15 November 2018Time: 2 minutes

Because the losses by piglet crushing seemed higher in loose farrowing systems, ways were sought to prevent this. The most important success factor is the separation of the climate for the sow and the piglets. Steering the lying behavior by different climate zones reduces the risk on crushing significantly.


The Pro Dromi® Classic is devised by pig farmers, tested by Wageningen University at practising farms, and co-developed by Vereijken. We developed a separate cubicle for the piglets creating the optimal separation between micro- and microclimate, called the Nanny. Together with the Pro Grip floor, various ‘Easy’ extensions and a simple crate, this creates a farrowing pen which can easily be used for loose housing in farrowing!

How it works

The idea behind Pro Dromi® Classic is very simple. The Nanny provides a perfect safe and warm environment for the piglets to lay down in while the environment of the sow is cool by ground channel ventilation. That is why the Nanny is seamless, draught free, and uniformly heated by the “waterbed” floor. Because the more time the piglets spend in the Nanny, the lower the risk of crushing.

The Nanny is always positioned on the corridor which gives you a good overview over your little ones, especially when using the LED lighting, plus the nest is easy to clean. The Nanny, optionally combined with the Easy Catch, an automated piglet catcher, reduces the time needed for catching, treating, sorting and weaning of your piglets significantly. Additionally, you will not have to enter the pen anymore which reduces the risk on crosscontamination!

Improving together!

Pro Dromi® Loose Housing solutions enable us to discover the possibilities and profitability of more natural behaviour in the farrowing unit. Every Pro Dromi® Farmer becomes automatically a member of the Pro Dromi® Family. Together we share experiences, solve challenges and generate tools for improving your results. Curious? Check our blogs on the Pro Dromi® Research!

Current results already show a quicker birthing process, calmer animals, heavier piglets at weaning, and most of all, job satisfaction!

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