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14 November 2018Time: 2 minutes

One of the main issues of loose housing is the risk of more crushed piglet. For this reason most farmers with loose housing in farrowing confine the sow during the birth of the piglets to lower the risk of crushing. After de piglets have drunk enough colostrum, they have found there Nanny or creep and all treatments have taken place, the sows can be loose again. This period takes normally 4 to 6 days.

There are, however, also other options… The main risk on crushing lays in the first 48 hours. The piglets drink multiple times per hour and therefore stay with the sow or close to the sow – this is the moment that accidents occur.

If you want to avoid this risk completely, we can offer you Pro Dromi® Up including Vari lift floor.


In the Pro Dromi® Up, we combined the Vari lift floor together with the new Pro Grip slats which we especially designed for loose housing in farrowing. In this way we create the optimal grip for sow and piglets while reducing the risk on pigletlosses by crushing!

How does it work?

Before or directly after the birth of the piglets, the sow will be confined in the farrowing crate and the Vari lift floor is activated. This means that as soon as the sow sits up or stands up, the floor of the sow will be raised 25 cm higher. This way the piglet cannot get under the sow when it is risky. When the sow lays down again, the floor will smoothly go down as well and the piglets can drink again. After 4 to 6 days, the floor will be shut down and there will be a regular floor for loose housing.

Proven concept!

Vereijken is producer of this Vari lift floor for almost 20 years and is exporting this product all over the world since. The working of this floor is guaranteed due to long history and experience and we know many satisfied customers.

Recent tests shows that mortality in the farrowing period even decreases in combination with loose housing in the farrowing. This means that in case of for instance low skilled employees or employees who change a lot, the farrowing period is not in risk.

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