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10 05 2020Time: 1 minute

Curious about what we did with family Nijhof?

These three blogs explain every detail of how the Nanny was built at the barn of family Nijhof and how this allows them to create a macro- and microclimate.

The Nanny creates an enclosed environment of 32 °C for piglets, which allows you to reduce your barn temperature to 18°C for sows. We do this through an air conduct under the barn floor that introduces outside air into the barn that is cooled naturally.

As piglets prefer warmth, they return to the Nanny after drinking, which keeps them safe from being crushed. Next to this, this setup allows you to raise robust piglets, because if a sow feels relaxed, she has a better feed intake which is essential to produce colostrum and milk.

Curious to all the preparation that allows us to anticipate the natural behavior of sows and piglets? Read these three whitepapers:

Part One: Fresh Air Read Blog (1078kB)

Part Two: The roof is done! Read Blog (1103kB)

Part Three: Fresh nose system in the whole stables Read Blog (1755kB)

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