Reflect on customized solutions

10 27 2020Time: 2 minutes

Reflect on customized solutions before building it for the next 15 years.

Renovating your barn is a lifetime investment. Therefore Vereijken finds it important to think along with our customers. From making complete 3D models of barn renovation to small requests on how to reuse components of the old barn in the new construction. What happens behind the scenes?

Making it possible to reuse existing components

Recently one of our customers asked if he could integrate plastic covers that he already had into the new construction. Vereijken was happy to help our customer save costs. How can you make day to day work easier? How do you make sure warmth stays underneath the cover to create a better climate for piglets?


Although Harold Hagelaars of our engineering team calls it an easy assignment, this team thinks about all the details. In 3D Harold made profiles that fit the existing construction and allow to reuse the plastic cover in a way that eases day to day work. The contra weights help to put the existing plastic covers into different settings, while it also helps lifting the covers. The hinges and steel cable make sure that the plastic covers stay in place, ensuring all warmth stays underneath it. This will help to create a better climate for piglets, who prefer a 32 degrees temperature. All details matter to create a solution that benefits sow, piglet and farmer. The engineering team will now discuss these sketches with our customer to see if it meets his wishes. 

Making complete 3D models of barn renovations


You thought that was cool? Our engineering team also makes complete 3D models of new barn constructions. In the image above, you see a sketch of a barn with customized troughs. Before actually building it, our customer can reflect on what this means for their day to day work. Where do you enter the stable? How do you have access for cleaning the troughs? Imagining and discussing it is easier with a 3D sketch in front of you.

So do you find it important to reflect on customized renovation plans before building it for the next 15 years? Our engineering team has got your back. Contact Harold Hagelaars for more information -





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