Doubting about investments? Test farrowing crates.

10 30 2020Time: 1 minute

‘It’s very important to get to know the system and way of working, before doing a big investment’ – Rik Bogaert



When family Bogaert wanted to renovate their farrowing crates, it was quickly clear that they wanted to invest in something that would be ahead of its time. But how do you de-risk this transition?

In this Dutch article family Bogaert shares how they tested four Pro Dromi crates, before scaling up and what insights it brought them. During the testing phase, we’ve monitored the behavior of sows, piglets, weaning weight and air circulation to give an idea what scaling up towards free farrowing would mean for their business. After adjusting air circulation based on this test, and finding a way of working that works for them, family Bogaert scaled up to 52 Pro Dromi crates in 2019. Their advice: ‘Choose a system that suits you’.

Do you want to experience what could work for your pig business, before making a definite decision? 

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