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11 06 2020Time: 2 minutes

Curious what happens from the moment you place an order until renovations are done? We’re following our great collaboration with Calipro to install Pro Dromi Basic crates at Kerezen in France, so they can start working with loose-housed sows.

From design to receiving the ordered parts

Vereijken finds it important that crates meet all personal demands of the customer. After all, no two pig businesses are the same and how you built it influences your day-to-day work for the upcoming 20 years. What makes this project special is that upon request more stainless steel is used than usual. The front penning panels are made of stainless steel so sows and piglets cannot damage the enclosure. This prevents a rough surface which dirt can attach to easily. The support beams are made of stainless steel as well, so that the flooring will last longer.


Peter van Rooij of our purchase department shares: ‘Each country is different. In France, we see that stainless steel is often a must in crates. It lasts longer and creates a more hygienic environment. Next to this, we also see that more french farmers are interested in making the shift to free farrowing for higher animal welfare. For Kerezen we’re now going to install 44 Pro Dromi Basic crates with Pro Grip flooring, where we’ve integrated more stainless steel than usual. Last week we received the entire flooring that exists of 3250 parts.’

And there’s a whole story behind those 3250 parts. Peter: ‘Our production partners that produce our own high quality Vereijken products are based in three different countries: China, Belgium and the Netherlands. We have to order these parts at these three different suppliers and make sure it arrives here on time to ship it to our customer as a total package. Once we’ve received the crates that come on top of it, we’ll ship this order in one container to France, so we can install it on location together with Calipro. It’s a first step in realizing that Kerezen can work with loose-housed sows in the near future.’

Other news from France

As you can read, great collaborations with partners are essential in doing international projects. We’re excited to work with Calipro in France and we’re ready for more projects! Two weeks ago the sign of Vereijken went up at our new showroom. When corona measures are lifted, we’re happy to welcome you here to experience our crates in real-life and see if this would fit your situation.


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