One of the biggest free farrowing projects we’ve ever done

11 10 2020Time: 1 minute

You can already tell by the pictures that this is a big project. We’re proud to tell you that we’re currently installing free farrowing crates in one of the biggest projects we’ve ever done worldwide. With 560 free farrowing crates of 6.50 m² and modular Pro Grip flooring that gives piglets and sows optimal grip anywhere in the pen, this is the first big barn in Eastern Germany that meets all upcoming German legislation on free farrowing crates.


Our installation team worked hard to install 16.660 slats that meet the latest German legislation. Solid parts are wider than the holes. The high low profiles give the sow good grip, even when the floor is wet, and the specially designed ribs can support a peak load of 800 kg. In the near future these sows and piglets can stand confidently and feel relaxed in their new home. Ben shares: “Germany announced two major shifts for pig farmers last July. It’s cool to see that this big barn is completely built according to this in this short amount of time.” Vereijken is definitely proud to contribute to higher animal welfare on this scale.


No two pig businesses are the same. With several versions Vereijken offers free farrowing systems to suit your specific business needs. Want to know what free farrowing could look like for big barns?
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