Vereijken as a training company

11 18 2020Time: 1 minute

Vereijken is a training company where students get acquainted with what is expected from them in practice. They do this by working for the company, while doing his or her study next to it. Hans Bartelds and Max Lenaers are a great duo and example of how this works. Max: ‘What I like about this job is that it’s very dynamic. You don’t know what you can expect that day as emails can come in that you have to solve immediately. Last year I got little time to finish tasks, but at Vereijken I have the time to dive into something to see how I can solve it in better ways than I did before.'

The past couple of weeks Hans showed Max how an administration department operates of a company that works internationally. Hans: ‘I’m in this profession for a quarter of a century now, working for my own administrative firm and other companies. The last 17 years I’ve worked for international ones, such as Vereijken, so I’ve come across many issues and tips on how you can arrange things. What’s nice about learning by doing is that I can share these tips when something happens in reality. This makes these tips directly applicable for the situation.’

Because of the great work of both, Max was able to take over some tasks while Hans was on a holiday. A great illustration of how being a training company results in a win-win.

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