Brief Introduction: Irene Heeroma

06 24 2021Time: 1 minute

“Brief Introduction…My name is Irene Heeroma and I’m supporting Bart Hooijer, our director, with the growth of his company. Shortly after Vereijken moved from Brabant to Ede, I started as Office Manager still  surrounded by the moving boxes. From day one, I started with organizing things for our brand new office so our team was able to work here efficiently and with pleasure.

Vereijken is going through a transition that makes working here extremely dynamic. There is a lot to organize and no two days are the same. Each day looks totally different than how I planned it in the morning and that’ is exactly what I like about working at Vereijken.

Speaking French is a must for this job. The collaboration with our French partner organization Cooperl is intense and there are many things that need to be discussed. Speaking the same language helps us to speed up and resolve un-clarities, I’m happy that I can help our entire team with that!”

Irene, we're glad you joined us!


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