Round table discussions

Round table discussions

New business model for valorizing manure

On April 29th we celebrated the opening of our new showroom in the Foodvalley with three dynamic round table discussions. Watch the recordings here!

Business model for seperating manure - Trac

Trac separates manure from urine. How do we turn this technology into a business model for the Netherlands? Cooperl shares the experiences of farmers that are working with this system in France, while we talk with Connecting Agri & Food, Best Star Meat and Rabobank about how we can apply this in the Netherlands.

Read more on trac here

Traceability from pig farm to fork

Traceability throughout the chain from pork to fork is essential for earning back your investments in animal well-being and environmental impact. Together with our partner Cooperl, we will discuss how our Cooperl Suite can help you collect data to enable better performance. How do you measure your litter performance and how can you use this to market your meat at a higher price? 

Read more on Cooperl suite here

Traceability from pig farm to fork
Leading in farrowing systems

Leading in farrowing systems

What are the developments of loose housing in farrowing worldwide? How can we improve technical results? How does the market react to this? In this interactive session experts share the latest developments on how you can deal with risks when nurturing happy and healthy piglets.

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