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All our customers worldwide have 1 thing in common: they want to safeguard their license to produce today & tomorrow. However, ever changing regulations on welfare, food safety and sustainability, market and customer demands create uncertainty how to stay profitable when upgrading their farm.  For this reason, Cooperl, FARMAPRO, CRD and Vereijken have teamed-up to create solutions for 4 worldwide developments: Food safety, Welfare, Carbon Footprint and Traceability.

Together we will bring you proven solutions, backed by real-life business cases of farmers and benchmarks to help you to improve your technical results. By overseeing the pork chain from pig farm to fork, we do not only offer realistic solutions for farmers but also a sustainable and transparent pork supply for this generation and the next. On this website you can find the products belonging to these solutions. With bringing in the experience of these four companies we can help you to proudly farm today and tomorrow!



Located in France, Cooperl is the leading French company offering a global solution in the pork industry, from upstream to downstream.
Our unique 360° approach in the sector guarantees a reliable traceability, food safety, animal welfare, biosecurity and environmental respect. Everything is made for the benefit of their clients and the satisfaction of our 13 million consumers that trust us every day.

They offer an integrated range of technologies and services for people who want to invest in the pig industry in order to support them on every stage of their project. Thanks to the organization and extensive expertise acquired in pig production for more than 50 years, Cooperl is the best partner who can assure a high return of your project with a careful consideration of human and environmental values.



For over 20 years, FARMAPRO selects, formulates and proposes alternatives to support breeders towards demedication. The products are tested and approved by their network of 80 technicians and 20 veterinarians. The implementation protocols are validated in more than 2000 farms in France.

Their originality:

  • - Consider the breeder in the overall context of its breeding.
  • - Rely on consumer expectations and the Antibiotic Free Pig Production advantage with health nutrition research projects to validate new technologies.
  • - Rely on an internal scientific committee and external conferences.
  • - Implement trials in an experimental station followed by full-scale validation thanks to a network of volunteer breeders

Their objective:

  • - Constantly innovating to give you a head start.
  • - Listening to you to provide you with alternative solutions and personalized service that meet your performance and profitability expectations.
  • - Meet regulatory and societal requirements.



For more than 20 years, CRD teams have been working on farms to set up automatic and robotic solutions for the management, treatment and recovery of agricultural effluents, from cleaning buildings to anaerobic digestion. Several thousand sites are already equipped in France and abroad. The company is rapidly expanding its product ranges and expanding its export business.

Because breeders' needs are changing with their efficiency and productivity imperatives, CRD has a research and development department that studies, tests and perfects the systems that will be used tomorrow. More than 150 companies install and maintain CRD systems. CRD provides technical support and provides an after-sales service. CRD accompanies you throughout your project, from design to completion.

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