For over twenty years, CRD teams have been involved in implementing automated solutions for liquid waste processing and management of effluents in the pig breeding industry. We offer everything you need for your farrowing units. From drainage pipes to control units. Here you can find all our products related to manure management.

Ensuring all new born piglets a happy life

Vereijken Group understands that most value is obtained during the farrowing period. That’s why we offer a wide range of products with everything you might need for your farrowing units. We want to keep innovating until we can ensure that all newborn piglets are happy and healthy.

Vereijken Group & CRD

Vereijken Group is a global family business that focusses on working farrowing units. We supply everything you need for your farrowing units. We work together with various distributors, such as CRD. CRD has been involved in livestock farming for over 20 years now. They set up automatic solutions for manure treatment and effluent management. The products meet strict specifications, making them very reliable. This way we can ensure that you can order our products worldwide, making sure piglets all over the world look beautiful.

Do you need help deciding on the right product or are you looking for a custom solution? Feel free to get in touch with our specialists and find out what Vereijken Group can mean for your business. 

Our Distributors

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