The Pass ‘Pork applications are solutions to efficiently manage animal production. With these applications you can connect all sow and piglet data in one real time dashboard, create digital passports from pig farm to fork, manage prolificacy of filiation and much more.

Pass ‘Sow & Pass’Pork

The Pass ‘Sow and Pass’Pork applications are interconnected with each other and provide complete information. You can manage the sow from birth to the slaughterhouse. This gives you a new and more reliable performance indicator, ensuring a major competitive advantage and making the management of the productivity of sow offspring more effective.

Pass’Pork Lite

Pass ‘Pork lite establishes and tracks the information batch by batch or room by room. The individualized health monitoring anticipates regulatory changes, giving you frequent notifications to ensure that your pigs receive the best treatment. All three applications use RFID technology  and can be used in offline mode, which means you don’t need an active internet connection to enter information.

Vereijken Group & Cooperl

The Pass’Pork applications are a product of Cooperl. A French company offering a global solution in the pork industry. Cooperl joined Vereijken in a Joint-Venture to create more value for pig farmers worldwide. Vereijken Group is a global family business that focusses on working farrowing units. We supply everything you need for your farrowing units. We work together with various distributors, such as Cooperl.

Are you curious to learn more about the Pass’Pork products or do you want to know what Vereijken Group can mean for your business? Feel free to contact us.

Our Distributors

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