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Wondering how you can turn your pig manure into a business model? Read more about Trac here! Trac is a product from Cooperl, a French pig farmers' cooperative, to maximise the value of your manure. Cooperl promotes sustainable and profitable farming with higher animal welfare and environmental protection practices. 
With Trac, you reduce manure costs and turn manure into profitable biogas and marketable manure pellets. You also invest in the welfare of your pigs by improving air quality as a result of ammonia reduction. In this way, Trac offers:
• An innovative solution to convert pig manure into profitable products;
• Increase of your pigs’ welfare;
• Minimization of your ecological footprint.
Read more information about Trac on our product page!
Are you looking for other innovative solutions that will help your business and increase the welfare of your pigs and sows? Then take a look at our product range consisting of, among other solutions, flooring, penning, farrowing crates and farrowing systems.
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