Interested in turning your manure into money? Read more about TRAC here! TRAC is a product marketed by Coorperl, a French pig farmer’s corporative and our business partner. TRAC allows you to maximise the value of your manure. Cooperl promotes sustainable and profitable farming, taking in consideration a high level of animal welfare and environmental measures.
Using TRAC will reduce the costs of manure and transforms your manure into profitable biogas and sellable fertilizing granules. On top of that you invest in your animal’s welfare through a better air quality due to ammonia reduction.
To summarize TRAC offers:
- An innovative solution for turning manure into a profitable product
- Improvement of animal welfare
- Minimalizing your ecological foot print
More information on TRTAC can be found on our product page!
Looking for other innovative solutions that can hel your business to improves your pig’s welfare? Check out our complete product range for flooring, fencing, farrowing crates and farrowing systems.
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