Realizing your own vision - Ontario, Canada - Family Sloan

A collaboration we are proud of

The challenge

Darren and his dad Lyle Sloan took three years to decide upon a renovation plan that works for their business. After talking to lots of people, they’ve decided to go with our modular flooring, crates and climate covers to expand to a business that is twice the size. Darren and Lyle wanted to work with a feeding system of a company in the USA called PigEasy. That’s why our engineering department and PigEasy worked together to see how we could make our products fit in the barn of family Sloan. A collaboration we’re proud of. 


Realizing your own vision - Ontario, Canada - Family Sloan

Project goals

  • Help family Sloan to realize their own vision
  • Integrate the ad-lib feeder of PigEasy, the MealMeter, into our products
  • Place climate covers to create a climate to rear heavier piglets
Realizing your own vision - Ontario, Canada - Family Sloan

Making it happen

The farmer knows best what works for his or her business. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Family Sloan and PigEasy to realize the vision of the family. Family Sloan uses our modular Pro Grip flooring, which gives them flexibility in future renovation plans as the slats can be reused. They’ve also chosen to work with our climate covers to create a warmer climate for piglets as a friend of Darren who worked with these climate covers said that piglets from these farrowing crates are heavier. The ad-lib feeder of PigEasy the MealMeter, gives sows the power to decide when they want smaller portions, giving her fresh feed anytime she wants and reducing feed waste. We’re proud that by working together with family Sloan and PigEasy, we realized the vision of the family Sloan. 

Results to be proud of

Darren: ‘'Salesmen will tell you great stories that if you change your way of working their product will fit. But why should I change the way I work? What I like about Vereijken is that they have a feeding system but were willing to collaborate with a company in the USA called PigEasy, who offers a feed system we really wanted to work with. Instead of sticking with their own product, the engineering department of Vereijken and PigEasy worked together to see how they could make their products fit. Instead of telling me I have to change things because that's how the product works, they think along in what works best for our business and the way we manage things. They're realizing our family’s vision.'

Our solutions

  • Realizing your own vision - Ontario, Canada - Family Sloan
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