Varkenshouderij Brummelhuis

Varkenshouderij Brummelhuis

Place: Hoge Hexel
New build: 550 sows – Farrow to wean

In this unique farrow to wean stable the sows walk free directly after farrowing. The family Brummelhuis developed the system themselves, and Vereijken has been a proud partner in the development of this system.

In this Farrow to Wean system, the sow leaves four weeks after giving birth, but the piglets stay until they are ten weeks old. This avoids a lot of stress, and the so-called "wean dip". 

 This is how they made sure this succesfull system was born!

Learn more about the development of the pens in the Boerderij Report 29-04-2019 (in Dutch):
Werkgemak én -plezier met vrijloop-kraamopfokhok [].


Varkenshouderij Brummelhuis
Varkenshouderij Brummelhuis

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Varkenshouderij Brummelhuis

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